The need to revive an ancient culture leads Mr. Emile Morasse to pass on his knowledge to his family and organize a grinding day on the occasion of celebrations of the 75 th anniversary of the parish. The success of this day encouraged some people to set up, in 1976, the Flax Festival, which has since offered a program of activities held last weekend in August.

The project of the Caserne du Lin was born from the concertation of various stakeholders in the community anxious to boost the economy of the village. It aims to reconcile job creation for young people, the development of a craft production and the safeguarding of know-how that ensures the quality of manufacture from a raw material that gives the claw of authenticity.

First residence of mademoiselle Anna Berthiaume, then central school for girls, the building accommodates, from 1953 to 1997, the religious ladies of the Congregation of the Sisters Servants of Saint-Coeur-de-Marie. In April 2000, the team that occupied the former fire station from which it takes its name, takes possession of the premises to install his textile production workshop, its interpretation center and shop leaving all the room at the flax fiber paper workshop.

From the beginning of the colony in America, the inhabitants and the inhabitants cultivated, spun, wove and made their linen clothes. For a long time, this production is limited to domestic needs or meets the demands of a local market.